Each intervention is made on a case-by-case basis

We invite you to read the steps below to familiarize yourself with the course of the intervention
we will perform if you contact Un chat dans ma cour.



You have a stray cat problem and you want to intervene.

You must contact Un chat dans ma cour by writing to us under the tab Contact, explaining briefly how we can help you. Remember that we are acting on a voluntary basis, that we are not responding to emergencies and that we are not a refuge.



We will communicate with you within a maximum of 72 hours

of receipt of your email.

Being volunteers, we cannot always respond on the spot, however,
rest assure that we will reply as soon as possible.



Your file will be placed on a waiting list, depending on the call priorities.

Please note that your case must be consistent with the type of intervention we are doing.
(See tab
CSRM Program)



We will meet you with the necessary material to catch the cat

And we will explain the procedure to follow.

You will then have to fill in a form for the loan of the material and to sign a document

of waiver of all legal proceedings against Un chat dans ma cour.


Traps are triggered by gravity; they are humane

And present no risk of injury to cats.



Once the cat is captured, we will transport the kitty to the veterinarian who will do the sterilization.

It is a generous and considerate team who will wait for the kitty, at the Clinique Vétérinaire Bois-des-Filion.



When the kitty can be released, we will bring him back to where he was captured.

Kitty will become a cat belonging to the community and, as a CSRM officer, You can ensure its well-being by providing the necessary care (food, drinking water, shelter outside during the winter.

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