What is a TNRM program?

A TNRM program (Trap-Neuter-Release-and-Maintain) makes it possible to ethically manage the overpopulation of stray (feral) cats.   It ensures the welfare of the animals and promotes a good neighborhood with the citizens.

Abandoned, lost from wandering parents, feral cats are domesticated cats returned to the wild.  Fearing human contact, they can hardly be handled and prefer nature to the "comfort" of a home. They generally live in groups, small or large, which are called colonies.

Thanks to a partnership between the Clinique Vétérinaire Bois-des-Filion, the administrators and the volunteers of Un chat dans ma cour, an organization supported by the City of Lorraine, our TNRM program aims to capture, sterilize and return feral cats in colonies in an efficient, cost-effective and humane manner. The program provides continuity of care for cats - food, drinking water, outdoor shelter in winter - that will be provided by TNRM officials. It also has an educational and informative section for all.

Feral cats are caught using special metal cages (2'x 4') in which food is placed. These traps, which are triggered by gravity, are humane and pose no risk of injury to cats. We have 3 cages for the program. When loaned, we explain the handling and guidelines to ensure that catches are made safely.

When a cat is in the cage, it is transported to the Clinique Vétérinaire Bois-des-Filion and then transferred to another cage in which the veterinarian can anesthetize it before preparing it for surgery. During the transfer, we do not touch the cat; in doing so, we avoid staff and volunteers injuring themselves and minimizing stress in the animal. Stray cats can be very aggressive and most do not know human contact.

The intensive work period is from May to October. When winter sets in, we reduce capture and sterilization activities – during winter conditions, we are unlikely to catch many feral cats and it would be unthinkable to return cats that have just been sterilized.

The TNRM program is difficult work, but it is also a source of valuable experiences ... (visit our Facebook page). Un chat dans ma cour was founded by four citizens concerned about the welfare of stray cats; but without the invaluable collaboration of the team at the Clinique Vétérinaire Bois-des-Filion, our organization would not be able to fulfill its mission.


For advice or more information about our program, do not hesitate to contact us using the Contact.

What we do:

• Establish effective and ethical solutions to reduce the number of fertile cats in colonies;

• Educate people through our workshops on different electronic platforms;

• Sensitize owners of domestic cats to the benefits of sterilization;

• Assist TNRM managers accredited by our organization;

• List the stray cat colonies;

• Set up fundraising campaigns in the City.

What we do not do:

• Emergency relief;

• Investigation of cruelty cases;

• The shelter service;

• Low-cost sterilization service;

• The movement of stray cats away from the place of capture.



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